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Let our Wordpress plugin integrate Flyyer for you. It requires Yoast SEO plugin and PHP >= 14.0.

1. Install the official plugin flyyer previews

In your Wordpress dashboard, go to Plugins > Add new, search for flyyer previews, then install and activate the plugin.

You can also install it from the official plugin page in Wordpress.

demo image of flyyer install

2. Add Yoast SEO plugin

In the same way install Yoast SEO, Plugins > Add New > Search for Yoast SEO, or from the official page. Make sure to Activate this plugin too.

demo image of flyyer install

3. Set your project identifier

Find your project identifier here. If you don't have a project yet, create one here.

Write it down in the Flyyer settings, then hit Save Settings. It looks like this:

demo image of flyyer for wordpress


If you inspect the <head /> of your HTML you should see the og:image and twitter:image tags with URLs with your project identifier and current pathname on it. If you're having trouble, please make sure both plugins are active in the Plugins menu.

4. Voilà 🎉

Now you're able to manage your link previews from your dashboard, create content from templates while preserving your brand style and export it as social media formats.

Go to your dashboard 🚀