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This documentation site is built with Docusaurus v2, so you can also refer to this source code to see a production example.

This plugin requires Docusaurus v2. There is no support for v1.

Install @flyyer/docusaurus-preset:
yarn add @flyyer/docusaurus-preset

On your docusaurus.config.js add @flyyer/docusaurus-preset at the end of your presets array, and fill it with your project identifier.

Find your project identifier here. If you don't have a project yet, create one here.

{  // ...  presets: [    // ...    [      "@flyyer/docusaurus-preset",      {        project: "your-project-identifier",      },    ],  ],}

Advanced usage#

Signed URLs#

To prevent bad actors from generating images you can sign your URLs.

๐Ÿ”‘ Get your secret key here:

Note: This key is different form your FLYYER_KEY.

{  presets: [    [      "@flyyer/docusaurus-preset",      {        flyyer: {          project: "",          secret: process.env.FLYYER_SIGNATURE_KEY || "your-key",          strategy: "JWT", // "JWT" | "HMAC"        }      },    ],  ],}