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Getting started

Install Flyyer CDN to manage your previews#

1. Create a project#

A project is created when you synchronize a website with Flyyer.

2. Insert Flyyer CDN in your meta-tags#

Each path or route of your website should have a "mirrored" URL targeting Flyyer CDN to allow you to manage it's previews. Find your project identifier here.

In HTML it would look like this:

<!-- Replace {project-identifier} and {path} with your project-id and your current page's path respectively --><meta property="og:image" content="{project-identifier}/_/_/{path}" /><meta name="twitter:image" content="{project-identifier}/_/_/{path}" /><meta name="twitter:card" content="summary_large_image" />
<!-- [Recommended] Keep your original image handy for your project --><meta property="flyyer:default" content="{your-original-og:image-link}" />


Let's say you synced and you created a project with id example.

WebpagePathMirrored URL to Flyyer CDN (og:image's content)

To see a full example please select your website technology or programming language.

3. Voilà 🎉#

Now you're able to manage your link previews from your dashboard, create content from templates while preserving your brand style and export it as social media formats.

Go to your dashboard 🚀

demo of flyyer dashboard

Guides with full examples#

JavaScript guides#

Python guides#

Ruby guides#

PHP guides#

Are we missing an integration guide? Need help? Feel free to join our Discord Channel.