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Adding to existing projects

If you already have a repository or project and you want your templates to live inside that project, then you can follow these steps.

The main benefit of having Flyyer inside your project is being able to reuse your current styles and components.

React.js projects

Install react, react-dom and @flyyer/cli with:
yarn add react react-dom
yarn add --dev @flyyer/cli

Add the following scripts to your package.json:

"scripts": {
"flyyer:start": "flyyer start",
"flyyer:build": "flyyer build",
"flyyer:deploy": "flyyer deploy"

Add the following to your .gitignore:


Now you can start the development server with:
yarn run flyyer:start

Be aware of the terminal output when running Flyyer in this mode. You are probably going to be asked to install some extra devDependencies.

Typescript support

To use Typescript instead of plain Javascript go to: Typescript.