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ยท One min read
Patricio Lopez Juri

Now you can make your templates public by publishing them to the Flyyer Community.

It is super easy, just set on your flyyer.config.js the private flag to false.

const {config} = require('@flyyer/types');

module.exports = config({
engine: 'react-typescript',
key: process.env.FLYYER_KEY,
deck: 'impact-news',

// Optionals
name: 'Impact News',
description: 'A short description of this deck.',
homepage: '', // your personal webpage.
keywords: ['news', 'vue', 'tailwind'],
private: false, // ๐Ÿ‘ˆ set to false to make it public
repository: 'https:/',
sizes: ['THUMBNAIL', 'BANNER', 'SQUARE', 'STORY'] // supported formats