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Lightweight Flyyer JS module: flyyer-lite

ยท One min read
Patricio Lopez Juri

Hello fellow developers ๐Ÿ‘‹

This feature has been around for a while but it requires a special mention here.

JavaScript projects are very sensible to third-party dependencies file sizes because each byte sent to the browsers can reduce the time to interaction.

Our JavaScript library @flyyer/flyyer includes some cryptographic functions to sign URLs, but if you are not using this feature you can use our lightweight module that doesn't include those functions.

npm install --save @flyyer/flyyer-lite

yarn add @flyyer/flyyer-lite

The code change is minimal:

- import { Flyyer } from "@flyyer/flyyer";
+ import { Flyyer } from "@flyyer/flyyer-lite";

See the difference here:

bundlephobia with Flyyer JS

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Happy sharing.